Ruminations is the third album by Puscha, written entirely through the 1st lockdown in Narrm/Melbourne during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As such, this release was written during a time of forced isolation, where the days themselves became a continuous, recurrent experience. Ruminations is a manifestation of persistent thought loops and mental obsessions, as a thematic follow up from Puscha’s last album, Echolalia.

The recognition of Puscha’s ruminative thought patterns coincides with the concept of cycles, which has been a central source of inspiration of Puscha’s work so far. Cycles can be found in everything - from the ocean’s undulations to a beating heart, from an electronic oscillation to the cycle of life and death. Puscha’s music explores this by seeing how far they can push looping melodic and rhythmic phrases using poly meter and dynamics on a micro level. These pieces were improvised recordings with few takes and even fewer edits, in an attempt to break ruminative cycles.

Echolalia is a collection of works that explores the fringes of ambient and left field electronic music, and is based thematically on thought loops and repetitions.

The title Echolalia is a play-on-words on this theme. “Echolalia” is described as an unsolicited repetition of vocalizations made by another person, automatic and effortless, while “ambient echolalia” refers to repetition of random environmental stimuli. As such, this album is both a musical expression of personal experiences I’ve had through the writing period, while also describing the form of the music.

“An icy, immersive ambient piece, where synths clang like church chimes and howl like wind.” - Bandcamp

Puscha, Undulations album. A cinematic, minimalist album of modular synth music inspired by epic experiences at sea in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica.

Released by Cloudchamber Recordings, July 2018. Available on Bandcamp on cassette and digital.